Success Stories

A talented , thoughtful man, indeed

I wanted to submit a note of my appreciation for the work Harris did on me yesterday. I was holding back tears out of sheer frustration from my back pain during a very thorough chat before we got started. The treatment was very intense ( in a good way, what I needed) and I left feeling far better , less pain, so much more relaxed and as well, energized. A talented , thoughtful man, indeed. Thank you, Harris. Grateful!   T.N. – Aug, 2013


A true asset to the birthing community,

I worked with Harris through the whole pregnancy cycle: conception through post-partum.

I first sought treatment with Harris after a couple years of trying to conceive. At my first appointment Harris began to share his wealth of knowledge about conception and I received my first acupuncture treatment. After just a few sessions, I learned I was pregnant. We were thrilled.

Near the end of my pregnancy I returned to Harris to prepare my body for childbirth. I worked with him to open up my pelvis, promote optimal positioning of the baby, and provide gentle stimulation to aid the birthing process as I progressed. He also taught my husband and I acupressure points to use at home, both before and during birth. I felt great and my body felt so ready to birth our child! Our baby was in the perfect position and very low down in my pelvis.

When my birthing time came we had a wonderful water birth at home, but I haemorrhaged after. I started to suffer from insomnia and what felt like heart palpitations and incredible pressure surges when I tried to sleep. I felt awful and was no longer able to enjoy the first days with my son. I sought help from Harris again and he was able to diagnosis the problem – my body was having trouble coping with the blood loss. Harris was able to help aid my blood regeneration. I saw the results right away was able to sleep again hours later. Harris saved the day and I was once again able to enjoy those precious first days with my son. I was so happy to feel good again!

We are incredibly grateful to Harris for his compassion and his expertise in the field of reproductive health. He is a true asset to the birthing community.    K.L. 


Great care from Harris Fisher

I’ve been seeing Harris for some time and I always appreciate his gentle caring energy. He seems to find a way to diagnose and support me even at the worst of times. I could not recommend Harris and his services more highly!     M.Q.


Harris is great!

I’ve been seeing Harris for acupuncture treatments for the past couple of months and my condition has improved ten-fold! I have seen a few other acupuncturists and Harris is tops in terms of his “bed-side manner” and has been able to help me in many other ways aside from just acupuncture. I highly recommend Harris as an acupuncturist!



Harris is great, always professional yet friendly and takes the time to understand your needs/concerns. With each visit, I always leave feeling much better. I don’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to relieve their aches and pains or any other health issues!


Holistic Health Approach

I have been working with Harris for the last 3 years and I continue to be impressed with his vast knowledge and caring style. He has helped with everything from hot flashes to running injuries and has become my primary health practitioner. Every person should have the opportunity to work with Harris!       S. S.


Acupuncture and Herbs

A big thank you to Harris for helping me again with acupuncture and herbs. I knew I’d start feeling better right away. Harris is very knowledgeable and helpful. Much appreciated!    S. F. 


See Harris

Harris has a calm and gentle energy that is very healing and supportive. He connects with his patients in so many ways. An integral part of my health team!



My appointment with Harris Fisher yesterday was so amazing. I was able to talk about what was going on for me without feeling like a weirdo, and the pain that has been chronic in my hip flexor for the last 3 months is totally gone. And that wasn’t even the reason i went in!


Thanks Harris!

I had three great acupuncture treatments with Harris that were informative, attune and relaxing. I was given great advice. Sometimes when you decide to be healthier the Universe will align you with those people who will assist you in that transformation. I’m healthier, happier and more informed than ever. 


I am very grateful for Harris’ expertise

Harris helped improve my health with a treatment of Chinese herbs. It worked wonderfully. I had tried many other things but the Chinese herbs were really effective!